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    Lithium iron phosphate is unlikely to be the main power battery for future new-energy cars
    Time:2019-08-03    Source:    Views:8641
    In the hot new energy vehicles today, as one of the four cathode materials of lithium battery for power cars, lithium iron phosphate has become a hot concept.

    Since the beginning of this year, reports about the escalation of patent fight for lithium iron phosphate battery technology have been widely reported. Several multinational companies from Europe and the United States say they have patents for the core technology of lithium iron phosphate batteries, fighting a patent war. More recently, Phostech, a Canadian company, negotiated with a Chinese battery manufacturer for an initial fee of $10m and $2,500 per tonne of lithium iron phosphate.

    The patent battle seems to have added a more mysterious aura to the technology. However, it seems that high hopes have been placed on lithium iron phosphate too early, with experts pointing out that lithium iron phosphate power batteries are not an effective solution for electric vehicle power.

    "Don't exaggerate the role of lithium iron phosphate in electric car batteries." "The academic community believes that lithium iron phosphate is unlikely to be the main power battery for future new-energy vehicles," said ma zifeng, a professor at Shanghai jiao tong university and chief scientist of the ministry of science and technology's 973 plan for electric vehicle energy storage. At present, there are four main anode materials for lithium ion batteries, namely lithium iron phosphate, lithium cobalt acid, lithium manganese acid and ternary materials. From the perspective of single battery voltage, lithium iron phosphate is much lower than lithium cobalt oxide and other materials. The energy density of lithium iron phosphate battery is low, and the battery system is large, which may not be suitable for large-scale application. More technical demonstration is needed. Many of our companies are rushing to get involved in lithium iron phosphate projects, which are vulnerable to being exploited by foreign companies."

    Do not mount a horse blindly

    In recent years, the new energy vehicle market is booming. Data show that by 2012, China will have a capacity of 500,000 new energy vehicles. Based on the average level of using 20,000 yuan of batteries per vehicle (considering hybrid and pure electric vehicles), the size of the domestic automotive power battery market can reach 10 billion yuan, which is equivalent to the current lithium battery market doubling. By 2020, the global market demand for power batteries driven by new-energy vehicles will exceed 200 billion yuan. There is no denying that China's automotive battery industry will usher in a golden opportunity for rapid development.

    In contrast, behind the hot new energy vehicle market, the corresponding battery technology is also increasingly put on the agenda. At present, China's new energy vehicle research and development layout presents a pure electric vehicle, fuel cell vehicles and hybrid vehicles are neck and neck. At present, the main batteries used in pure electric vehicles are nickel metal hydride batteries, lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries. It should be said that all kinds of technologies are still immature and have some defects, and many laboratories and enterprises are still improving on them.

    On the whole, lithium batteries still have a safety problem. Whether it is lithium manganate or lithium ferrous phosphate, there are still various defects in terms of cycle life, reliability, safety and charge-discharge performance. "In the last year or two, there have been a lot of battery projects in China, but there have been no real breakthroughs. Lithium battery in the five parts: anode material, cathode material, electrolyte, diaphragm, packaging, each is very important, are the core technology. Studying one of them has been amazing." Changshu city hezhong environmental energy technology research institute changsha yongkang said.

    So the enthusiasm for lithium iron phosphate partly reflects the mindset of most Chinese companies today. It is a waste of resources not to spend more energy and money on technical research when a technology is not mature.

    In addition, there is a big gap between the quality of lithium batteries in China and abroad, mainly due to different production modes. Wang lianbang, a professor at the college of chemical engineering and materials at zhejiang university of technology, said, "Chinese enterprises are very different from those abroad in mechanization and automation. One battery is not visible, hundreds of batteries in series, the difference is very obvious. The difference in quality is mainly the consistency of the battery. From raw materials to products, there are many processes. A lot of different quality products are different. Out of 100 batteries, 2 might not be very good. It's a mode of production problem, and it won't be fixed in a year or two."

    Mr Sha agrees that the lack of consistency is a big problem. "It's a good way to make cell phone batteries because they have a small capacity. An electric car with a range of 150 kilometers can store 15 kilowatt-hours and 20 kilowatt-hours of battery pack, while a mobile phone battery can store 1 kilowatt-hour, equivalent to 15,000 times. Most of our enterprises are mechanical and manual, the degree of consistency is not high. The yield is still very low."

    Future technology path

    If lithium batteries can't play a major role in the future development of new energy vehicles, then who can play a leading role?

    Although there are many domestic enterprises to promote lead-acid batteries, but due to the high pollution of this feature, so that this product is not optimistic, the development of many feel helpless. "There is pollution in the extraction of lead, in the manufacture of batteries, in the recycling of batteries, except when cars are on the road. So it's not clean energy. Lead-acid batteries are not a technology worth promoting. At present, 45 percent of lead-acid batteries are produced in China, which will be used in European and American countries, but they will not be made or recycled, and they will pollute in China." "Mr. Sha said.

    On the contrary, fuel cells are now the focus of many experts, and many international giants continue to make efforts in this field. A fuel cell is an electricity-generating device that combines hydrogen and oxygen in the air through an electrochemical process to form water and generate electricity. Fuel cells work without combustion, no rotating parts, with high energy conversion efficiency (actual use efficiency is 2~3 times of ordinary internal combustion engine), no noise, long operating life, high reliability, good maintenance and other advantages; Its only product is water, which is really clean and renewable. Since the first fuel-cell vehicle was launched in 1994, the technology has developed rapidly.

    Practical action shows that various countries in the world have paid great attention to the development of fuel cell and fuel cell vehicle technology. Toyota has announced that the first fuel-cell car will be available in 2015. In September last year, Toyota, Honda, hyundai, ford, general motors, Daimler and kia issued a joint statement calling on governments to build more hydrogen fuel infrastructure by 2015. If the target is met, hundreds of thousands of hydrogen cars could be ready for commercial production worldwide by 2015. Although the cost of fuel cars is still very high, this is a truly clean technology, and industry insiders believe it is only a matter of time before costs come down as production scales increase.

    At the same time, the safety of hydrogen has become the focus of people's concerns. In response, ma zifeng said that the technical research on the safety of hydrogen around the world is very intensive. As an important raw material for petrochemical industry, metallurgy and pharmaceutical industry, hydrogen storage and transportation arrangements have been well solved. Our 973 project team is participating in the formulation of national and international standards for on-board hydrogen storage. Currently, hydrogen cylinders made in the laboratory have reached 70 mpa, while only 35 mpa is needed for commercial use. The safety factor has been greatly improved. In addition, sources of hydrogen are diverse. At present, in Shanghai, the difference between peak and valley electricity is very big, the power supply is relatively tight in summer, while the power supply in spring and autumn is rich, the use of peak and valley electricity can be electrolyzed into hydrogen. For Shanghai baosteel, Shanghai petrochemical and other large enterprises, hydrogen is already a large-scale by-product, so the future is very promising.

    In the general direction, the innovation of new energy vehicles is bound to promote the expansion of battery technology. Ma zifeng believes that combining the advantages of fuel cells and batteries, or fuel cells and capacitors, is a good direction in the future. "We know that a good rating for the design of fuel cell, the restriction of the oxyhydrogen electrochemical reaction of its output power is stable, such as loading 60 kw fuel cell car, when to slow down or stop the fuel cell is always at work, at this moment the extra for battery charging device, when the car, when accelerating or climbing a fuel cell power can't be from 60 kw to 70 kw, this can use electric storage device to supplement, this combination is helpful for the improvement of the dynamic performance. In short, choose more directions and look more cutting-edge. For example, we are now working with the university of Michigan on the latest technologies, such as lithium-air batteries, which are relatively far away.

    Sha yongkang also believes that the new energy vehicle technology is very diverse, should not focus on the battery itself. The concept of new energy must be wide, and only with a wide concept can we have new ideas. It may not be long before a new liquid fuel can be found to replace methanol and ethanol. Or applying wireless power to cars. There are still some problems with remote applications, but MIT was able to light a 60-watt bulb from two meters away in 2007, giving people an idea. In the future, combining wireless power with cars could be a viable way to eliminate the tedious steps of plugging in electricity.

    New energy vehicles are undoubtedly the development direction of the future, and it may be 50 years before the traditional diesel locomotive fades from the historical stage. But as sha yongkang said: "the development of new energy vehicles to broaden the idea, can not stare at an immature technology blindly on the production. We must not conduct projects without looking at the market and only do them for scientific research funds and state subsidies." Japan's Toyota, Honda and other manufacturers for more than a decade like a day dedicated to the study of a technology, once mature, vigorously to the market, other enterprises can only catch up with far behind. Chinese companies, by contrast, need to settle down if they want to overtake on curves in new-energy vehicles.
    Addr:Zhongshan Road No.6,Hanhe Economi Development Zone,Lai'an County,Chuzhou District Anhui Province.  Tel:086-0550-5962086    
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